8 Professional Headshot Poses

Most Americans have two main concerns when it comes to getting a professional photo. “Which clothes should I wear,” is the first one, while the second is: “How should I pose?” In order to get the most out of your professional headshot photography session in San Diego, you need to be able to answer both of these questions. In an effort to help you do just that, we have prepared a list of 8 tried-and-true poses for professional headshot photos. Keep reading to learn how to put your best face forward for the camera.

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How to pose for a good headshot?

First off, it bears mentioning that the most effective professional poses are those that feel most comfortable to the subject. Not all poses are going to feel natural for you personally, and it’s very difficult to hide that kind of awkwardness on a high-resolution headshot.

For this reason, you shouldn’t hesitate to let your photographer know when a pose feels uncomfortable or simply not right for you.

Here are the top 8 professional headshot poses:

1. The standard

When it comes to making a quality professional headshot, less tends to be more. Simply throw back your shoulders and straighten your back, lean a little toward the camera, and turn your chest 10-45 degrees from it. A smile is optional.

2. Lean toward the camera

When taking a photograph while seated, leaning in is a great way to appear relaxed, attentive, and to (if needed) conceal a double-chin.

3. Over the shoulder

This pose makes the photo look more spontaneous, as if the photographer caught you “off guard”. It’s ideal for models, actors, or business pros who want to have a personality picture or two to balance out their more no-nonsense headshots.

4. Arms crossed

A great variation on the standard pose is to do it with your arms crossed. This makes you look a bit more confident and powerful. Just keep in mind that crossed arms may also make you seem unapproachable to some viewers, so don’t be shy to add a slight or even full smile.

5. Leaning sideways

This variation of the over-the-shoulder pose has you leaning against a wall. Since these photographs are usually taken outside, they tend to appear more candid and leisurely. Just make sure to lean against a clean, brightly illuminated, and well-maintained wall, as a grimy or crumbling one will distract the viewer and may even gross them out.

6. Hands on the hips

Want to give your headshot a sense of fun and activity? Put your hands on your hips! This pose also makes you look more approachable and dispels any notion that you may be taking yourself overly seriously.

7. Cross-candid

A cross-candid pose means the photograph is both candid (you’re not looking directly at the camera), and that your head is turned “across” the lens. Although this kind of photo wouldn’t be your main photo in a corporate setting, it’s still a great idea to have one or two for your social media profiles or business website.

8. Play with a prop

Fiddling with your glasses, tie, phone (but not looking at it), or any other prop makes you look more thoughtful and spontaneous. This pose is an excellent choice for artists, designers, and other creative professionals.

Where can I schedule the premier headshot photography in San Diego?

Not even the most flattering pose and outfit in the world is going to help you get great photos if you don’t hire the right photographers who are passionate about presenting your personal brand in the best possible light.

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